Technology That Gives A Competitive Edge In The Courtroom

Court Reporting TechnologyCourtroom technology comes about slowly, but once it arrives, there is no stopping this technology from altering the legal landscape. Today’s courtroom holds a number of technological advances over courtrooms just a few years ago. As a Philadelphia Court Reporter, Kaplan Leaman & Wolfe’s clients who take advantage of our advanced technology will have a competitive edge in the courtroom.


E-transcripts are a safe and fast way of delivering a transcript by email. Security is an important feature to the files as they are encrypted, password, and virus protected, to enable quick delivery via electronic means. This means lawyers will get their transcripts as soon as they are complete. E-transcripts have saved lawyers countless hours in reading through testimony to find a specific reference, thanks to the interactively linked and searchable word index. Further, E-transcripts have the ability to concisely print up to 8 pages per sheet, or full-sized transcripts for your trial notebook, assisting you in being organized for trial.

Live Internet Streaming

This court reporting technology is one of the most exciting innovations currently available. It enables an unlimited number of people to view testimony as it happens, from any location. Live internet streaming has saved the legal industry a lot of money on travel expenses, since they can participate in legal proceedings from their office anywhere in the world.

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Wireless Internet Use

Having wireless internet available in courtrooms creates some concerns about people being able to communicate with others from inside the courtroom. Still many courtrooms now are coming to terms with this technology, and no one benefits more than those involved in a case due to the instant availability of information, research, and data.

Networked Exhibit Display

As an add-on to the use of wireless internet, some courtrooms now have the ability to allow attorneys to use networked monitors to display exhibits. With this kind of system, the jury will have a large screen to view exhibits, and the judge, witness, and opposing counsel will have monitors available as well. Digital exhibits are easier to display and take less time for set-up than physical models.

Realtime Transcription

Realtime transcription is a highly sought after service in the courtroom. It enables litigators to analyze testimony on a notebook or tablet computer as it happens in the courtroom so they can adjust their line of questioning, or seek further clarification on a matter, without having to request a read-back. It ensures that testimony given was delivered as it was intended to be. We have seen lawyers use Realtime Transcription to great effect in legal proceedings, and it is another important tool in an attorney’s kit for leveraging their litigation skills.

Above is just a short list of technological advancements that have resulted in a dynamic courtroom environment where parties can gain a competitive edge through using technology. Feel free to add some more advancements that you feel helped you in the courtroom. If you have any questions on the above technologies, particularly Realtime Transcription and Live Internet Streaming, feel free to contact us.

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