A Guide To Mobile Lawyering

For years, traveling from one place to another has been an essential component of the lives of many lawyers. In fact, mobility is essential to the manner in which many firms work with their clients. In the past,  this often involved carting about heavy briefcases full of important documents, but with the help of technology the process of mobile lawyering has been made easier than ever. As many firms have made the transition to a paperless office, client information and important files are available electronically, making them readily accessible on the go.hand holding a smartphone

Laptop: This is perhaps the most important tool for mobile lawyering. As you don’t want to have too many heavy objects weighing you down, it’s advisable to find a laptop that is lightweight and small, with powerful features and a large capacity for storage. If you find an effective laptop that suits your needs, it can even replace your desktop computer, saving time and space. Whether you prefer Mac or Windows, there are suitable options for both.

Smartphone: While smartphone use amongst the general public is quite common, mobile devices can be particularly helpful for lawyers on the go. In scenarios where a laptop isn’t required, smartphones allow you to perform basic functions such as checking and sending emails. Furthermore, there are hundreds of time-saving mobile applications made specifically for lawyers. You can see our full list of the Best Mobile Apps For Lawyers to find out which apps you should be using on a regular basis.

Word Processor: Laptops are an obvious and simple choice for fulfilling word processing needs. For small amounts of information, the notepad of a smartphone can be well suited for the documentation of information. Another option is buying a digital recording device for dictation, and sending the recording to a service that will convert it into a document for you.

Internet Access: Depending on where your meeting will take place, there may or may not be available wifi. An aircard is a wireless broadband modem that allows you to convert cellular data to wifi for your laptop. Investing in an aircard is a good way to ensure you have internet access wherever you go. Also, many cellphones allow you to set up a wireless hotspot, which will provide you with wifi access almost anywhere.

Storage: Having an external storage device promotes redundancy, and equates to a greater deal of information available on the go. This can mean an external hard drive, or even just storing information on the cloud.

Printing: Although at times this is unnecessary, some attorneys bring a small, portable printer along to meetings and other out of office engagements. Many portable printers are wireless, making them easier to transport. Furthermore, some have scanning capabilities, which can be helpful in converting a hardcopy into an electronic file even when away from the office.

For many, lawyering on the go is not a preference, but a necessity. If you invest in the proper tools, tending to business on the go can be done with considerable ease.

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