Top Five Legal Apps for Lawyers Using iPhone & iPad

Are you an attorney that has succumbed to the advances in technology that ultimately and begrudgingly made your life easier? Technology is not always welcomed in the legal realm as it can often be looked at with concern over security and privacy. However, many lawyers have converted simply because the security is industry-grade and the ability to be productive anywhere, anytime with an iPhone or iPad is too good to pass up. Nowadays legal apps allow attorneys to access law libraries, prepare for courtroom trials, conduct a virtual deposition and much more – all from a smartphone or mobile device.

The following is a list of the top ‘legal’ apps and do not include apps you have come to rely on such as DropBox, Goodreader or Penultimate.

Legal Apps for Lawyers

  1. Fastcase

If you do not have a legal research team or on-site access to a law library or case histories, then this app is for you and it is free. With portable access to the entire Fastcase law library allowing access to state and federal cases all over the United States makes it a must-have.

Just think of how many times you wish you had printed out the facts of a case or forgot to do so. Now you can access those facts anywhere, anytime.

  1. TrialPad for iPad

Instead of the multitude of apps that have been cross-developed from other industries and simply applied to the legal profession, this app was built from the ground up specifically for trial lawyers for use in courtroom preparation and during court proceedings. With specific features for designing your presentations, the easy formatting allows highlighting and document call out features and even offers remote presentation applications. Although it is not free, its cost is very fair compared to other large presentation software on the market.

  1. iJuror

Ever wish you could have an app specifically for juror selection. Well iJuror is the app for you. Not only is it used for note taking, information recording, and general impressions during the selection process- it also allows reporting functions to present a clearer picture about your potential selections. Also, you will have a clear jury selection map that allows you to drag and drop jurors into strike boxes for you, or opposing counsel.

  1. Black’s Law Dictionary

Looking for a reference app that is widely accepted as the ‘go-to’ app? Since Black’s Law Dictionary in print is the most cited law book in the world, it is without a doubt that the app is equally as important to have. The best part is not having to carry that prodigious volume around with you in hardcover. Now you can even Boolean search your words with a smart search that provides alternate spellings as well.

Keep An Eye On The Time

  1. Time Keeper

Technically not a legal app, but what is a career in law if you cannot keep accurate time of your billables? This app allows you to set up different clients or projects to track time against with start and stop buttons to control the timers. With detailed notes you can also view times, added notations and even calculation formulas. You can even specify an hourly rate per client.

With these 5 apps a lawyer using an iPhone or iPad can easily remain productive, in and out of the courtroom and even keep track of billable hours.

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