Remote Deposition Services

Social Distancing & Covid-19: The Change of the Court Reporting Landscape

Remote Deposition ServicesIn our lifetime, we have never experienced such an event of this magnitude, a virus that spreads so quickly while keeping ourselves isolated from each other. As a result, the landscape of court reporting has now changed for which we must adapt.

Kaplan Leaman & Wolfe Court Reporters is conducting Remote Video-conference Depositions with No Charges to participants for the connection and video. We are committed to providing new technological solutions to meet our clients’ needs, which we have successfully accomplished for the past 40 plus years.

While it seems like an arduous task to adjust to the implementation of virtual depositions, there are several benefits as a result thereof:

  1. Provides better time management and cost-savings for your firm and clients
  2. Increases productivity and efficiency
  3. No airline, travel or hotel expenditures
  4. Depositions can be held in the comfort of your home or office
  5. A feasible and practical option when parties cannot meet in person
  6. Have your paralegals and associates join the deposition without leaving the office

Being tech savvy is not a pre-requisite. You simply need a computer, laptop or smartphone with a camera, an internet connection and an internal or external microphone. Our video-conference software allows for remote private breakout rooms for discussion with your parties, a private chat feature, as well as screen sharing.

A concern which attorneys have is how to handle the distribution of exhibits. Exhibits may be shared from your computer seamlessly and shown to all parties’ computers during the deposition. Safety and privacy is not a concern, as a password will be sent with your invitation in your email so you will be able to enter the secure videoconference deposition.

In closing, scheduling a remote video-conference deposition is very user friendly. Simply supply all e-mails for those who are going to attend and await the invitation being sent. Once received, click on the link within the e-mail and everyone is now connected for your viewing, listening and questioning pleasure.