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KLW EZ-Litigation App Makes Your Life A Bit Easier

Any busy attorney knows that trying to put together a case while working in the field is difficult. It would be easier if there was a mobile solution that helped attorneys take care of litigation details while using their smartphone. Now there is. The EZ-Litigation app created by Kaplan Leaman & Wolfe (KLW), not only helps lawyers with time management concerns but, comes with incredible features that make it a powerful business tool for attorneys to use on the go.

An Overview of the EZ-Litigation AppKLW mobile- pp iphone

The beauty of the EZ-Litigation app is that all attorneys and legal support staff are now able to accomplish a lot of tasks on-the-go and all from a smartphone. The app allows a lawyer to schedule a deposition, make it to appointments on time and give accurate directions to clients and prevent waiting for depositions to begin by using the built-in GPS.

Lawyers can also use the EZ-Litigation app to download transcripts and review documents that are safely stored in a secure repository any time of the day or night. In addition, the app allows you to pay professional invoices and monitor legal news. The app is compatible with iOS and the Android operating system, which means it will work on most smartphones and tablets. Below is further explanation of how the app makes scheduling a deposition and downloading transcripts easier.

Schedule A Deposition

To save time and money, the EZ-Litigation app allows an attorney to directly schedule a deposition. The app helps you arrange for your depositions anywhere in the world by simply filling out the form that is already in the app. The experienced staff at KLW will schedule a reporter and follow up on every detail. There is also the option to bypass the online form and instead click, email, and attach your deposition notice. A confirmation email will be sent to you on or before the next business day and another confirmation will be sent again the day prior to the deposition date.

Deposition and Hearing Transcripts

Another important factor of this app is the worldwide availability of deposition and hearing transcripts. The app provides secure downloads of full sized or condensed deposition or hearing transcripts and up to eight transcript pages per sheet. There are also searchable E-transcripts that you can immediately receive and print as you go.

Other Services On The AppiPhone mobile apps

Other services that are available for further exploration on the app include:
• Video deposition court reporting services
• National court reporting services, including last-minute deposition or reporting coverage
• Litigation, including national trial support and assistance, trial and courtroom presentation
• Technology including local and real-time depositions, video conferencing, video text synchronization

An attorney’s day has so many moving parts and the EZ-Litigation app is the first of its kind app that allows attorneys, paralegals and anyone else in the legal field to efficiently manage depositions, download transcripts and make payments from one platform. Being able to do all this makes the app a necessary must-have in the legal community.