7 Ways to Keep a Client in an Economic Crisis

7 ways to keep your clients in an economic crisisAccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of March unemployment in Philadelphia is at 9%. The speedy recovery everyone hoped for has yet to materialize, and budgets are still tight. There are no industries unaffected by the economic downturn and Philadelphia court reporters are scrambling to adjust and survive along with everyone else. As court reporters, we at Kaplan Leaman & Wolfe, are committed to continuing to provide affordable litigation support services that also improve the practice of law for years to come.

 7 Ways To Save Clients

Here is Kaplan Leaman & Wolfe’s top 7 list of ways to save your clients time and money while providing excellent service and staying in business:


  • Provide searchable, printable transcripts online at no additional charge thereby offering clients 24/7 convenience and easy access to transcripts online


  • Make costs transparent including all hidden fees


  • Offer free xeroxing, postage and delivery, ASCII disks, condensed transcripts, and more


  • Base court reporting rates on a declining scale; for example, the more counsel purchasing the transcript, the less expensive the page rate


  • Accept as many payment options as possible – Pay Pal as well as major credit cards


  • Invest in the latest technology – the more litigation support services you can provide online the more money clients will save on travel, printing and other expenses


  • Send gift cards to scheduling secretaries and paralegals as a thank you for their hard work, dedication and loyalty
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