5 Must Have Technologies For Law Firms In 2015

Technology continues to be one of the most important aspects of human life. In today’s high paced world almost every business is using technology. This is especially true in the legal world. While many people picture law offices and courtrooms as stuffy and free of technology, the most successful law firms today are integrating technology into their business. In 2015 the incorporation of technology will be even more important, and thus law firms must adapt several types of technology this year in order to remain competitive.

Law Firm Technologies on The Rise

  1. Tablets vs Laptops

Carrying legal documents with you everywhere can be a backbreaking experience. Paper is extremely heavy and it can build up extremely quickly. Many law firms are now integrating tablets into their work. The firms that have not already incorporated tablets should do so this year. In the past, many lawyers would simply carry a laptop, but tablets provide several advantages over laptops. Tablets are considerably lighter than laptops and they also tend to be cheaper. Tablets allow lawyers to have access to a wide range of databases while on the go and they allow lawyers to carry critical evidence and paperwork with them everywhere. Tablets can be a real equalizer for firms that do not have the manpower to carry tons of paper everywhere, which makes them an essential piece of technology for law firms.

  1. Digital Library

If your firm has not yet invested in a digital library, then 2015 is the year to do so. These libraries often come in app form. One major advantage of using a digital legal library is that it will be completely searchable, which will save you valuable time on researching. Your firm can purchase access to a library on a yearly basis and not have to worry about updating the library.

  1. Wearable TechnologyGoogle Glasses: Technologies For Law Firms

Wearable technology is starting to pick up momentum, and this may be the year that most law firms will need to make some investment into wearable technology. One wearable option for a law firm is Google Glass. Google Glass makes research and communication extremely easy because it is happening right in front of your eyes. Another wearable option is the smart watch. This option is a little bit more professional looking, but it still makes communication that much easier. With a smart watch the lawyers at your firm will be able to discretely check their messages and missed calls, no matter where they are. Visit Abovethelaw.com to read about a personal injury lawyer who utilizes Google Glass in his cases.

  1. Cloud Computing

Your firm probably has already considered investing in cloud computing. If your firm has not done this already, then they should embrace the cloud by the end of 2015. Cloud computing is more secure than ever before, which means your company should finally start considering using cloud storage for your documents. This is critical for the security of your documents as it allows your company to constantly have a backup of all the documents at any one time. Utilizing cloud storage will also make it easier for your lawyers and paralegals to access documents while on the go.

Keep Social Media Engagement Going

  1. Social Media

Social media continues to be one of the most popular ways to advertise on the internet. If your firm has not already made investments into social media, then now is the time to do so. Hire a social media specialist and start investing heavily in advertising via social media. It will also be important to keep an eye out for new social media sites this year. Every year, social media evolves and it is important for law firms to keep up with this, so that they can better market themselves.

2015 is a great year to adopt new technologies and become a more successful and efficient law firm.

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